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 Find out how candidates view important issues to Texas Republicans
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Who are we? - Montgomery county (Texas) Republican supporters who value and respect the Texas GOP platform.

What are we trying to accomplish? - Remove from office those individuals who would use the GOP party to get into office when they have no intentions of voting in step with the Texas GOP party platform. We want Republicans to support most of the Texas GOP platform.

Who "leads" each county with regard to this project? - Montgomery county (Texas) Republicans who want to promote the principles found within the Texas Republican party platform. County leaders must support 80% or more of the platform.

Whose "endorsement" of this project is documented? - Texas Republican Precinct Chairs (past, past candidate, present, running) who support the Texas GOP platform. This project is an effort to find out from all the GOP candidates running if they support, or oppose, or are undecided on the Texas GOP platform.

Was this voted on by the Texas GOP? - yes and no. Yes the Texas GOP convention has debated and voted on this many of the last 20 years of state conventions, in "Rule 43". The rules committee / convention delegation has not voted this project into existence. The project exists because many Republicans believe that those who run as Republicans should respect and support the party platform.

1.       How does this project work? - The latest Texas GOP platform is sent to each candidate who is asked to mark their choice for Approve/Disapprove/Undecided and return it to their county leaders.

Ho Where are the returned answers published? - On the www.TexasGOPplatform.org/county/montgomery/answers.htm website.

1.      What if I am running in multiple counties? - Just send the same answers to each county as the questionnaire is the same for all the candidates and counties.

Use What parts of the platform is sent to candidates? -  the entire current Texas GOP platform

2.       Can a candidate explain their answer? -  yes, candidates are encouraged to explain their answers

Will candidates be "scored"? -  yes, volunteers will calculate the ratio of agreed positions to positions

Which candidates will receive the questionnaire? -  Send to all GOP candidates in the march primary. It will be the responsibility of the county volunteers to do this.

W  Will we send GOP platform questionnaires to include candidates in non partisan elections, like school board and city council? -  yes as we have time. Why not find out what other candidates think about Republican principles.

       What happens when a candidate does not respond? -  They get marked as "did not respond" and it is published

 hatHow many times will we attempt to contact a candidate? -  Five times
1. Email platform questionnaire with instructions
2. Phone call to verify they received the platform questionnaire
3. Email platform questionnaire with instructions / deadlines
4. Phone call to find out if they intend to reply in time
5. Email with responses from all candidates in race or similar races

hat What prevents a candidate from lying about their voting intentions? -  Only their integrity and their past record, which can be looked up (if there are enough research volunteers) and can be documented their support or opposition to the party platform.

  h  Will we endorse candidates? -  This project will not endorse candidates but volunteers and individuals are welcome to endorse.

ha   Is there a PAC or group or organization associated with this project? -  No this is not a PAC, just a group a folks gathering and sharing information related to the Texas GOP platform.

1.       Where do I send more questions to? - mc-questions@TexasGOPplatform.org


















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